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           According to the directors at the Mental Health Department of Public Social Services in Los Angeles, California, currently, the process to receive rape treatment includes the following: First, rape survivors must be diagnosed with a mental disorder such as Major Depression Disorder (MDD) and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Second, and after the mental health classification, survivors are prescribed medications for MDD and/or PTSD.  The prescribed mental health drugs must be taken for at least six to eight weeks.  Third, with a mental health diagnosis and medications, finally, rape survivors qualify to attend rape counseling group sessions. Helps us to change this process.

Teal Green Heart (TGH) Initiative

          To successfully investigate and measure sexual assault and rape treatment modalities, we need help from the  global community. Therefore, we launched the Teal Green Heart (TGH) initiative. The TGH initiative is a worldwide program designed to create safe havens for survivors to have access to certified trauma advocates that are located at local faith-based organization (FBO). To fund our evidence-based research projects and the TGH advocacy initiative, we have implemented the TGH Skincare & Spa fundraiser. You can donate to help further rape research at www.JHRC.org. You can also contribute by completing the survey, and/or join the fundraising efforts at www.TealGreenHeart.org.  Learn how to care for your skin with organic products and proceeds benefit rape research. Make an appointment today at the TGH Skincare & Spa.  We provide organic skincare products, facials and back treatments, and eyelash extensions. Again, all the proceeds support rape research and trauma advocacy.


          We are asking the general public to please complete the online survey available at www.TealGreenHeart.org. We need all Americans including those who have NOT been raped and/or sexual assaulted, and rape survivors too complete the survey. Now, is the time for all men and women to complete the survey. It is imperative we have data from people that have not experienced sexual assault or rape, so, we can compare the data to sexual assault and rape survivors. Our research team of neuroscience researchers, neurophysiologists, physicists, computer scientists, and rape trauma counselors collaborate and analyze the data. We will provide to the general public all research outcomes via social media and science journals platforms. Right now, please donate at JHRC, attend TGH Skincare & Spa fundraisers, and complete the survey.

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We need people who have NOT been raped and/or sexual assaulted, and rape survivors to complete the survey.

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Are you comfortable helping children, girls, boys, teenagers, men, women, and the LGBTQ community? Do you have the ability to keep matters confidential? Are you connected and/or a member of a Faith-based organization (FBO)? Join us

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We welcome and partner with Faith-based organization (FBO). An FBO is a church and/or nonprofit organization serves the general public, including but not limited to: children, teenagers, men, women, and includes the LGBTQ community?

TGH Spa Fundraisers

The TGH Skincare & Spa provides organic skincare products, facials and back treatments, and eyelash extensions to raise fund to support rape research. Find out what organic TGH skincare is best for you

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Who We Are

Since 2009, JHRC has implemented education & literacy community engagement programs in collaboration with: local mayors, fire departments, businesses, and multiple school districts throughout Southern California. In 2013, the executive board of trustees expanded its mission to help rape survivors with evidence based research at JHRC. Read more at JHRC research.

What We Do

We collaborate with rape crisis centers internationally and Faith-based organizations (FBO0) to establish a safe haven for rape and sexual assault survivors. Our goal is to train and certify trauma advocates at FBOs throughout the Unites States, so, survivors can find safety and an informed advocate at their local FBO. Please, help by completing the survey. Thank you.

Why We Do It

We can help with research that investigates and measures treatment modalities provided to rape and sexual assault survivors. We hypothesize that most survivors do not develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Major Depression Disorder (MDD) but ONLY temporarily have PTSD and/or MDD symptoms because of low access to adequate trauma medical care.

JHRC recognizes that many sexual assault and rape survivors do not report the crime and don't receive the proper trauma treatments to totally recover from sexual assault and/or rape. We are here to help.

International Sexual Assault Statistics

According to the FBI, less than 2% of rape survivors file a false report

Rapes reported in 2020


Most Rapes Are Not Reported

Since rape is most likely not reported to law enforcement, we can infer that rape and/or sexual assault is unfortunately occurring more often than reported. You do NOT have to report the crime for a trauma advocate to help you.

Rapes reported in United States

Not reported

Rapes reported in Europe

Not reported




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Have you taken the survey?


Have you taken the survey?

Contribute, complete the survey at www.TealGreenHeart.org


Have you taken the survey?



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Sexual assault reporting statistics for Europe come from:


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